Magda has been working in the film industry for over 10 years, the last four years based in the UK. She  is experienced in both forms: documenaries and fictions (for film and TV). She graduated from the Polish National Film  School in Lodz as a Director of Photography in 2010 and the Budapest Cinematography Masterclass in 2011 also the  prestigious documentary course at Wajda Studio 2005. Her mother, film director, editor and photographer Katarzyna  Maciejko-Kowalczyk was also her best teacher.  
.......In Cow, Magda Kowalczyk takes the wheel as the director of photography. Her work, so sublime, summons quiet, serenity, and profound meditation that liberates the somberly lit shots that blend terrifically with the setting in the display. Her style merges with Arnold’s and forms harmony with no single false mark......
( Ali Benzekri ,  International Cinephile Society)
- COW by Andrea Arnold-

While it is never particularly instructive to project human thoughts or emotions onto animals, you can’t help but indulge in anthropomorphic pondering when Luma looks you in the eye, or when she meticulously licks her own birth discharge off her newborn calf. We watch it in transfixing close-up, almost feeling that tongue on our own skin, thanks to the camerawork of Magda Kowalczyk.
Jason Solomons, THE WRAP)
- COW by Andrea Arnold-

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